Ratchet Spanner

Ratchet Spanner

⋅ Hinge Handle Ratchet Spanner ⋅ Sliding T Handle Sliding T Handle ⋅ Speed Handle Speed Handle ⋅ Reversible Ratchet Handle Reversible Ratchet Handle

⋅ Product Spec :

Hinge Handle : 1/2sq, 3/4sq, 1"sq   (used when strong force has to be applied manually)

Sliding T Handle : 1/2sq, 3/4sq, 1"sq   (socket location can be changed for users convenience)

Speed Handle : 3/8sq, 1/2sq   (used to loosen or tighten ratchet or screw drivers faster)

Reversible Ratchet Handle : 3/4sq, 1"sq   (loosen or tighten freely with the lever)